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The Terreanians Board of Directors consists of 19 members of the Krewe of
Terreanians. Members have to be in good standing and are elected by the krewe
members. The board is anounnced at the general membership crawfish boil. The
current board is listed below.



 Charles Kornegay

Charles has been a member of Terreanians for 13 years and float captain for eight years. This is his 4th term serving on the Board and serving his 2nd year as President. He has served on several committees in the past, and is currently chairing this year’s fishing rodeo. He has a 8yr old son/future rider, Caden. Charles has been a page and a duke in the past. Charles has a very rich family tradition with this krewe, his grandfather was one of the founding members of this wonderful club, Merkle Kornegay Sr. and his father Skipper has been in the club for 41 plus years and was King Terre L. He is very proud to be a member of such a wonderful organization and looks forward to being a part of it for a many years to come.

Skipper Kornegay

Vice President




Skipper has been a member of the Krewe of Terreanians for 48 years and has served on the Board of Directors for 38 years. He served 14 years as President for the Krewe. Skipper reigned as King Terre L in 2000. He is married to Hilda Kornegay. His daughter Elizabeth was Queen Terre XLII and his grand daugter Taylor was queen Terre LXI.


Frank has been a member of the Krewe of Terreanians since 2006 and has served on the Board of Directors since 2009. He is currently the club’s Treasurer. Frank is married to Corie Barker Davis and has two children William and Katie. Katie, a student at St. Bernadette, was a page to King Terre LVIV, Bryan Bunn, in 2009. William, a student at Nicholls, joined Terreanians in 2012.  When not busy with Terreanians functions, Frank works as a Site Manager for Republic Services. Frank is active in local theatre and serves as a Board Member for LePetit Theatre de Terrebonne. He is also active in his church parish, Maria Immacolata, where he serves as Vice-President of the Pastoral Council. In addition, Frank is a 10th grade CCD teacher and a 3rd Degree member of the Knights of Columbus. 

Ryan has been a member of Terreanians for 11 years. He was elected to the Board of Directors in 2014. He was elected as Secretary in 2015. He is married to Anne Marie who reigned as Queen Terre XLVII. He has two children who attend St. Bernadette Catholic School. John, age 9, served as page to King Terre LXIV, Kurt Cheramie, and Lily age 6. He rides on Lance DeHart’s float. Ryan is a biologist with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.


Dane “Peanut” Ledet

Dane, aka: Peanut has been a member of Terreanians for 19 years and float captain for nine years. This is his sixth year serving on the Board of Directors and his fourth year as Ball Captain. He has served on several committees. He has been married to Dawn Ledet for 29 years. He has 3 daughters, Jeanne-Claire, Cinda, &Francesca, Son-in-Law Brandon and Grand Son JJ. Jeanne-Claire & Francesca served both as maids and queens for the Krewe. Dane enjoys carnival and would like to thank his family for their time and support in helping him do what he loves.


Jason has been a member since 2015. He is also the float captian of the Duck Chuckers float.


Eugene P. McElroy

Married to Evelyn Detiveaux McElroy
Two daughters Emily and Erin
One Granddaughter Madison
Member of Dane “Peanut” Ledet’s float
Duke 3 times
Graduated from South Terrebonne High School and Nicholls State University
Employed by Shell Pipeline for 39 years as a Sr. Engineering Assistant
Enjoy Golf, Fishing, Hunting, and being Duke
Has been a member of the club since 1994.
John Poiencot
Chairman/Parade Captian
My name is John Poiencot. I am currently serving my fourth term as a Board of Directors. I have been a member of the Krewe of Terreanians for 9 years and enjoy helping out with whatever needs to be done.
Chuck has ridden on the Royal Rollers float for 23 or so years – back at the old den & starting on the eastside. He has served on the board for the past six years and has worked on numerous projects and committees, mostly behind the scenes. He has one wife Dina and one son Taylor (future member). He had the privilege of being duke for King Terry Braud, a year that will not be forgotten. His slogan is it won’t rain on our parade.  In the years we have seen many changes to our club and Mardi Gras, he is proud to help keep this club a wonderful organization for all.

Dallas Boudreaux Jr.

Dallas Boudreaux, Jr. has been a member of the Krewe of Terreanians since the 1995-1996 Carnival Season.  He was appointed Float Captain in 2002 to what is now the “Po’ Boys Float”, and served on the Board of Directors from 2003-2013. Took a year off, then was re-elected to the Board of Directors in 2014.During his years as a member of the Krewe, he has had the honor to serve on several committees and dedicating unlimited hours to our Krewe.Dallas is married to Candy Bergeron Boudreaux.  He has two children, Beth and Austin.  Dallas and his family had the honor of having royalty in their family on three different occasions.  Austin served as a Page for King Terre LX Andy Donovan and Queen Terre LX Rebecca Boquet.  Beth had the honor to serve as Maid to Queen Terre LX Jeanne-Claire Ledet and King Terre LX Roger Canafax.  Then in 2013, Beth became Queen Terre LXIII with her King Larry Boudreaux.When asked why he joined the Krewe of Terreanians, he said that he wanted to be a part of a club that was respectable and family oriented and who put on the best show for Mardi Gras.  That is also why he wanted to be a Float Captain, because Mardi Gras is not just for him to ride, but also for our families to enjoy.
Donnie Braud



Donnie as been a member of the Krewe of Terreanians for 23 years and a member of the Board of Directors for 17 years. He has previously served as Captain of the Ball for 7 years, he also serves on many committees. He is married to Julie and they have one daughter Lauren, son-in-law Kevin and a beautiful granddaughter Isabella. Donnie has been active in various Krewe activities throughout the years and he thanks his family for helping him to do what he loves. 
Terry has been a member of the Krewe of Terreanians for 24 years and a member of the Board of Directors for 11 years. He has previously served as Treasurer, Vice-President and President. He is married to Robin and they have three children; Diana (Maid 2004), Elise (Maid 2005) and Patrick. In 2006, Terry reigned as King Terre LVI along with Queen Terre LVI Miss Jillian Martin.  Terry has been active in various Krewe activities throughout the years and he thanks his family for allowing him to be away from home and active in Krewe activities. He is also thankful to everyone in the Krewe - past and present, Officers, Directors, Float Captains and Float Riders - for making our organization the successful, family oriented Carnival Club that we are today. Our organization has a bright future ahead because of the dedication and efforts of every member’s involvement. 
 I have been a member of Terreanians since 2012, and ride on Dane “Peanut” Ledet’s float.  Elected to the Board of Directors in 2016.  Married to Rhonda Pontiff for 22 years, and have two daughters.  Lauren Nikole who served the club as Queen Terre LXV, and is currently pursuing a degree at NSU in Graphic Design, and Madison Renee’ a Jr. at VCHS, whom will be presented as a maid candidate in 2017.  I have been in the Consumer Finance industry for 27  years and currently the Owner/Manager of Superior Financial Services.  I look forward to contributing my time, and ideas to the continued success of the Krewe of Terreanians, and to the principles for which it was founded.

 Chris has been a member since 2010.  He is a member of the Presentation Float and served as a Royal Duke in 2017.  He is married to Dyana Smart and they have one daughter Rachel who served as Maid in 2017 for King Terre LXVII Jared Toups.    Chris is a 20 year safety professional and is employed by Savage Inland Marine.  In his spare time he enjoys golfing, hunting, & spending time with family.  Chris serves as Chairman of the Board for Houma Oilman’s Golf Tournament.

 Mark LeBeouf

I have been a member of Terreanians for 16 yrs. I was elected to the Board of Directors in 2007. I am married to Sheila and have 1 daughter, Ellen, who was a maid in 2002 and 1 granddaughter, Kaylee. I have worked offshore for the past 30 something years, the last 27 years for Murphy Oil Corporation. Because of my job, I do miss a lot of Terreanians activities throughout the year. If at all possible, I will not miss Tableau & Ball. For the last several years, I have worked backstage at Tableau preparing the young ladies for their big night. I joined Terreanians with the idea of being in it for a couple of years until Ellen would become a maid, then quit. As you can see, that didn’t happen. Everyone should try to ride just 1 year to check it out. But then, no one would be on the streets to watch us.

Greg LeJeune


My name is Greg LeJeune. I have been a member of Krewe of Terreanians since 2010. I ride on the "PoBoys Float". I am married to Patty LeJeune for the past 14 Years. I  have one daughter Bridget and three step sons Jeremy,Joshua and Justin.This is my third year as a board member and looking to help the club in anyway. I was a duke in the Royal Court of 2012-2013, what a great time that was.


Chris Melancon has been a member of the Terreaninas Carnival Club since 2009. He is a current board member of the club, and he enjoys helping out with different projects around the den. He is a member of the Duck Chuckers float, in which he also serves as float Co-Captain and treasurer. He is married to Trisha Melancon. They have two beautiful children; Carson Melancon and Madelyn Melancon. Chris is currently employed by Bayou Cane Fire Protection District where he serves as a Captain / EMT.


Scotty Waldrip

King Terre 48. Married to Christine Pellegrin.  Float Captain for over 20 years. Has served on the  Board of Directors for over 20 years.  Son page for King Terre Terry Braud.

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